Roller Coasters: Passing the Baton

I'm not big on roller coasters. I've given them a shot because I don't believe in disliking something you've never tried, but most haven't been for me. There were some I could tolerate better than others--the Log Flume, Splashdown Falls, and Runaway Train, for example. The first two are saved by the fact that they're partially water rides. The second was my compromise to my friends who love these crazy rides. The thing is I think there was a time I actually thought I liked these rides. Or, maybe, my fear of them wasn't big enough to cancel out the rewards. These days, though? I'm happy watching others enjoy the thrill.

See...I have this fear of heights. Well, maybe not heights themselves, but falling from them and dying. Heights are just fine from a distance. And people talk about this heart-pumping adrenaline thing, but I don't get that from coasters. I just get freaked. Spinny rides are far more my speed. Tilt-a-Whirl, Scrambler, Himalaya (well, this isn't spinny but it's fast and fun)--I'm there. Those high in the air swings? I've done them, but hate them. Too high.

For a while my son would get scared on even the smallest coasters. For him, the issue was the speed and big drops. He has no issue with the heights and loves rock climbing. I never pushed him and felt horribly when I thought a ride would be ok but turned out it wasn't. Last summer, though, there was a shift. We went to Great Escape in Lake George, and he dipped his toes into some rides he wouldn't have in the past. He was so proud of himself, and I was happy for him. Then, he said he's going to give smaller coasters a try too. And really fast and high and spinny ones. A few months ago, our town had a carnival and he did all kinds of rides I never thought he would, and he LOVED them.

In a year or two, I can see him doing the bigger coasters and my hubby finally having someone to do the rides with him. And I'll be cheering for them both. From the ground.

There was something so cool for me about this moment of my kid trying the rides. I guess it's the trying. He's like that. And if he doesn't like something, that's cool too. But I love that he's willing to give things a shot.


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