Warning: May Cause Dizziness or Nausea (Laurie Boyle Crompton)

Sometimes I think a career in publishing should come with those entryway warnings they post for most major thrill rides. Except ours would say things like:

Riding the ups and downs of book contracts and reviews can be a sometimes-thrilling, sometimes-scary experience. It is not for the faint of heart (or those with heart conditions!). I have certainly experienced the loop-de-loop of changing titles and covers, along with the free-falling feeling of opening an editorial letter. And let's not forget long moments of calling out that you want to ride 'Again! Again!' but must wait on line... forever.

There are plenty of nausea-inducing moments along the way, but my very favorite part? The beginning. That time when you are being lifted slowly, *click* *click* *click* higher and higher, to the top of that first hill. The first hill that will give you all the momentum for the whole crazy ride. That giddy-anticipation-hands-in-the-air part.

I'm at that part right now. Here's the announcement:

*WHEEEEE!!!!* (also *Aaaaahhhhh!*)


  1. Congrats, Laurie!! We're pub sisters. :) Love your post too -- the roller coaster as the metaphor for the writing life.

  2. Thanks, guys! And yay, Jen! Congrats on the new book release! Source is great and I'm so happy to be working with Aubrey again! :)


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