The Doubt Monster [Laurie Boyle Crompton]

Thinking about MONSTERS for this month's post, I was reminded of an interview I did with Writer's Digest back when my debut novel was being released. Here's a partial quote from my answer to a question about my biggest surprises throughout the publishing process:

I was surprised to find that the doubt monster still shows up tapping at my front door to tell me my writing is uniquely terrible. I guess I figured a book contract (or three!) would act like a special force field of self confidence whenever I needed it. Not quite so. No matter who else believes in you and your writing, you need to find a way to believe in yourself. It’s the only way you can have the confidence to take risks and continue to grow and to shake your fist at that doubt monster and yell, “Get off my porch!”

Read the full interview here:
Author Laurie Boyle Crompton Tells How She Got Published


  1. I know the doubt monster well. I try to take the "I can't see you" "I can't hear you" approach. Sometimes it works!

  2. I was COMPLETELY confident about my debut (the confidence was fueled by the fact that my first trade review was starred). The farther along I get, the less sure I am about anything. There truly is a "you-never-know" quality about every book.


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