Happy Thanksgiving To Writing! (Sydney Salter)

This November I've been contemplating my life in transition. Aging parents, one grown daughter, and another eagerly investigating college choices, have me thinking about how the comfortable roles I've held for so long are shifting.

I've become a mere advisor to my oldest daughter, and a nag to my youngest (but she'll have to suffer through it--mothering a teen being vital, if under-appreciated). I've been arranging my life around the school day and soccer games. So what's next--?

How I'd love to ask my mom--she used to give the best advice--but my role has flipped from child to caregiver. And I'm still struggling with the frustration of the situation.

I'm not unique. Most of my friends are caught up in some combination of antagonist teens, nutty or ill parents, and children *sob* grown and gone. Too many of them seem to be coping with lots of white wine.

And that's why I'm grateful. Writing is always there to help me work through stuff, figure out complexities, repurpose crappy experiences, imagine various possibilities--or simply escape!

Thank you, writing!


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