Be on the Lookout for This Amazing Author's YA Debut! (by Patty Blount)

Throughout February, YA Outside the Lines is posting about artists under the radar. You'll be reading about authors, illustrators, and other artists who have inspired us in some way.

That's why it's so fitting for me to tell you all about Mr. Bill Cameron.

I've never met Bill...not in person. We're internet pals. I 'met' him about five years ago when I'd started my Twitter account. I'd begun following a few of my favorite authors (such as Jeff Somers, who writes the most action-packed novels I've ever read). Bill and Jeff share the same agent, so that is how I connected to Bill. 

Bill writes crime fiction. I've read every one of his mysteries and have never guessed whodunit before the book ended. It's not easy to fool me; I've been a mystery fan since I was a kid. His novels have a raw, gritty tone to them that's balanced by prose that's almost poetic in a way. I marvel at how he does it. 

When I was still writing my debut novel, SEND, I remember contacting Bill in a panic about revisions. He sent me a long email on how to tackle revisions without getting overwhelmed, gave me advice on revising my ending, and lots of other tips. I still have that email, even though that book was published in 2012. 

I never deleted it. 

So when Bill emailed me several months ago to ask if I'd provide a cover quote for his YA debut, I screamed like the fangirl I am, graciously accepted the honor, and was given a sneak peek at the story, called PROPERTY OF THE STATE. The book releases in June, 2016, so circle your calendars, pre-order a copy and drop me a line after you read it. Then, go pick up some of his grown up mysteries.

I know you'll be a Bill fan, too!


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