Undar the radar Illustrators

This month at YA Outside the Lines, we're talking about writers you might not know about but should definitely check out. Since everyone else is going to supply you with a heap of books, I decided to spotlight a bunch of artists you might not have heard of but have been a huge influence on me lately.

I used to frequent places like Pinterest and Tumblr for art, but Instagram has become my new inspiration gold mine as of late. I've found vines of techniques and WIP pics that have helps me focus in on my own style and question new ways of doing things.

For example, I've been obsessed lately with the work and stylings of Qinni. Her watercolors and pencils are gorgeous, combing this mix of vibrant and shadow that leaves me staring for days.

You can follow Qinni at tumblrinstagram, and facebook

The next featured artist has been featured on The Mary Sue for her comedic strips about the Avengers called Ask The Derpvengers. Jenn Menze does the absolute cutest little cartoon style that's all her own and can paint beautifully. When she's not doing fun little comics, she does some of my favorite fan art. You can follow her at her website, instagram, or twitter

Another artist I've been super into that I've wanted to tell everyone to go check out is Chiara Bautista. Oh. My. GOSH. Her work is just GORGEOUS. Go follow her everywhere at: facebook, DeviantArt, and online

I could go on and on about how many artists I'm seeing. The internet is a huge place after all. 

Do you have any favorites we might not know about? Hit me up over at @CatMScully on twitter with your suggestions! 


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