One Foot in Summer (Laurie Boyle Crompton)

This year, winter in New York was fairly mild, but boy, was it ever LONG.

At one point I declared to a friend, "My feet look like it was never summer." 
Her (proper) response was, "Ew." 

But now it has finally come. SUMMERTIME! And while I still haven't had my annual 'sandal season' pedicure, I did slap a bit of robin's egg blue polish on my toes, because, come on, I'm not an animal.

It's more difficult to hide our neglected bits when the sun is shining and the shoes come off. I've always said that the way to get a 'bikini body' is to take your body in whatever shape or form it's in and put a bikini on it. Ta-da! Bikini body! Get over yourself and your cellulite and go enjoy the beach. But summer is a season to pay closer attention to those areas we can no longer hide under blankets and darkness. It requires amping up the self-care with moisturizing and what-not. (And by 'what-not' I am referring to the time-honored tradition that can bring a grown woman to tears: waxing.) 

How fitting that I am in the process of revising my next novel GRAFFITI LOVE right now. Shining that sunshine into the manuscript's dark places, overgrown with overwriting and in desperate need of attention and grooming. My book is being smoothed and pampered. And in some places the spare hairs are being painfully pulled from the roots.

It is process that will make my final novel shine brighter and I'm excited for readers to meet these characters and experience their story. My reward once these revisions are done? Obviously, a pedicure/waxing celebration of SUMMERTIME! 

I shall spare you a photo of my still-winterized tootsies and instead show off my recently revamped website instead. Check it out @ - see you at the beach!


  1. Suppose winter afflicted bodies are proof that Mother Nature is indifferent to our shortcomings? If it weren't for books, winter would really send me into a tailspin. Your post reminded me that I rebelled last winter by going outside all but one day either barefoot or in stocking feet...No mean feat (pun intended) in Maine. I'm looking forward to your new book.

    1. Thanks so much, Berek! And wow on the 'barefoot in Maine' challenge - I love walking barefoot in the grass!

  2. Thanks!! It's so pink!! Had fun making it.


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