Summer. Sigh. (Sydney Salter)

Nothing matches that last day of school feeling. No responsibilities. Hot weather. So many possibilities.

Losing that feeling is one of the disadvantages of being grown up.

All of my published novels are set during the summer. My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters is a love letter to summers in Reno, Nevada. Bonfires in the hills. Lake Tahoe. First job. Disastrous first job. Swoon At Your Own Risk allowed me to vicariously have the ultimate summer job at a water park. Romance always seemed possible during the summer, too. Although real life never quite worked out that way, my characters all meet the kind of quirky nice guys teen me dreamed about.

My middle grade characters learn about themselves during the summer. Jungle Crossing is about a family vacation. I still treasure the bonding that happens among family members during unique shared experiences. Sometimes summers aren't so great--like if your parents divorce and you suddenly lose family traditions. That's my character's struggle in Not A Doctor Logan's Divorce Book. Summer diving lessons help her find herself again.

So many of my own transformative moments have happened during the summer, so I guess that's why similar circumstances find their way into my novels. I still feel a sense of possibility whenever I stop for a few moments to soak up delicious summer heat.


  1. I remember well that feeling of being on the threshold of long days when I could follow my own interests instead of being scheduled from dawn until dark. Freedom! That feeling has carried over into adulthood, even though I work all summer. There is still a freedom and joy about this season.

  2. I love your comment about transformations happening in the summer. So true.

  3. summer is transformative, isn't it? I had my first kiss with the boy who later became my husband while watching July 4th fireworks.


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