The promise of an endless summer -- Jen Doktorski

I live for summer.

Longer days, firefly nights. The smell of honeysuckle, freshly cut grass, suntan lotion, the ocean…the sound of cricket songs, the ice cream man, fireworks, baseball on TV, children splashing in a pool.

My year is pretty much divided into two seasons—summer and waiting for summer. Lucky for me, for the past five years or so, I’ve been living in a sort of endless summer. All three of my books are set in the summertime. Two have the word “summer” in the title and my fourth book, which I’m hoping to be able to talk more about soon, is also set in summer. It's a companion to The Summer After You & Me and set once again at my favorite summer place – the Jersey shore.
This month we’re blogging about the promise of summer. Here are just a few things I hope summer promises for me.

Sunrises over the ocean.
Bike rides on the boardwalk.

Lunch at Surf Taco.

Sea glass in the surf.

Kite nights.

Sunsets on the bay.

What are some of the promises summer holds for you?


  1. Love these pics, Jen, and love all of your summery books, and yes, I am still holding you to your promise of fish tacos on the Jersey Shore one of these days <3

  2. Any time, Jody!! Let's not forget the margaritas :)


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