Why I Write--Kimberly Sabatini

Why I Write...

This one is very simple.

I write because I spent the majority of my life only saying things that made other people happy.

And that made me unhappy.

The first outlet for my voice was my writing.

Now I'm better able to verbally speak out, but it's harder. Writing is more comfortable for me.

When I use my writing voice, I feel like a real person--I feel whole.

When I speak my truth, I'm aware that it's MY truth and just because I say it doesn't mean someone else's truth is any less real.

Knowing this, I try to be cognizant of how I speak up.

I want my words and my voice to add and not detract.

In my mind, speaking a personal truth walks hand in hand with striving to be kind and intelligent.

I also think it's brave.

But to capture the best words--you must also be prepared to listen. Life should have balance.

And my writing is better when my ears are involved.

Why do I write?

...because a world without words--my words--is not a world I want to live in.

Why do you write?


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