Should You Watch 13 Reasons? [Laurie Boyle Crompton]

Anyone who knows me knows that I love movies. And my favorite movies almost always have a great soundtrack. From THE BREAKFAST CLUB to PULP FICTION the best films maximize their impact with amazing songs. The new Netflix series 13 REASONS WHY similarly has a great soundtrack to go with its talented actors and realistic storytelling. Jay Asher's book is fantastic and I think this adaptation is perfect and true and it is also very hard to watch. It is supposed to be. It gives a glimpse into high school life today and too many adults want to flinch and look away or worse, express outrage on social media over a show they haven't even bothered watching. 13 REASONS is accused of glorifying uncomfortable subjects when it actually shines a spotlight on the permanence of devastating decisions in a way that can spark conversations and bring healing.

Teens today are dealing with a world that is completely different from past generations. The pressures they face are beyond belief. Their whole friggin' world needs a 'Trigger Warning' and the least we can do is respect a show that many teens claim is an accurate portrayal of their experience. As a YA author, I hate it when things are belittled just because teens like them and people acting outraged over a show without watching it is ridiculous. After biting my tongue over and over, I've drawn this handy helpful graphic to determine:


  1. Perfectly put. I'm sharing your post on Facebook.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Laurie. 13 Reasons was hard enough to read; I can't imagine watching the show. Maybe your rec will be the one that convinces me...

    1. Yes it is difficult to watch! And I can certainly understand some people choosing to pass on it, but it's the people who basically want to censor the show without even seeing it that frustrate me. And if you do decide to watch it taking time between each episode can ease the impact I think. xo


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