A few years ago, I went indie. It is, quite simply, the best thing I've done for myself in all my years of writing and publishing (and I went full-time on writing all the way back in '01). Nothing has taught me as much. And nothing has ever been quite so rewarding.

What has always been especially rewarding are positive reviews from utter strangers to my work--those reviews that say right off they'd never read a Schindler book before.

There's just something really personal about it, mostly because there's no middle man. My indies are entirely my own creation--the packaging, blurbing, cover art, etc. It's all mine. More than it feels like a review, it feels like I made a meal for two, and the reader and I just sat down and shared it.

So this Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for those readers I recently met on the page, the ones who took a journey with me. Thanks for your time and your openness and your willingness to take a chance.

The above image is my indie I REMEMBER YOU. I'm highlighting it here because it's my latest, because it has a Christmas theme, and because it also features a young-love thread perfect for readers of YA.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. There is something so magical about connecting with new readers isn't there? I too am thankful for the kind words and support from these strangers out there who have connected with me through books.

  2. I REMEMBER YOU sounds cool! So I just bought it! Even though I almost never read ebooks! Bwahahaha!

    1. Hey, thanks, Mary! I used to rarely read e-books, too. But now, most of my fiction reading is actually done on a screen. Funny how fast reading habits can change. Hope you love I REMEMBER YOU!


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