Vitamin G [Laurie Boyle Crompton]

I read somewhere that without gratitude we cannot have hope. That statement resonated with me because I read it during a time when I was feeling a bit ‘hope-deficient.’ Not hopeless, but definitely hope-deficient. I measured my gratitude levels and found that indeed, I’d been complaining to God more than I’d been thanking him. Instead of being grateful for shelter and loved ones, I was looking only at how run-down, cramped and small my house was and how annoying my loved ones could be. Instead of being thrilled by the priveledge of having written and sold six (6!!!) books I was focused only on my modest sales history and the fact that none of my books were available in Target. I was focusing on my own shortcomings instead of my gifts and looking at all the hate in the world instead of the love! So much LOVE to be grateful for. It’s amazing how a simple attitude shift can have me feeling grateful. And how much gratitude truly does lead to hope! Without gratitude we can have no hope, so let’s take this holiday to appreciate all the good and hopeful things happening in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! May it be filled with gratitude and love and HOPE! (Although I still really really want to see my books in Target one day)


  1. Attitude shift is spot on. I've been experiencing that myself all year. I finally found a way to get out of my own way.


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