Finally Sharing my Freaky!

There is something wonderful about holding onto secret good news. That special time when the news is yours alone before being shared with the world. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our daughter we held our happy news to ourselves for weeks and it was wonderful. It just so happened that we were living in England at the time and this was 1999, pre-cellphone constant-availability text-messaging easy-access. We had to actually pick up the phone to relay news, but we waited. Held our exciting news to ourselves. Told a few strangers. Took a breath and a full week before telling the people who were about to become grandparents and aunts and uncles. Kept our happy news just ours for a bit before sharing it with the world.

In publishing we are often forced to hold onto news as we wait for contracts or cover reveals or announcements, sometimes for years! The first time I experienced this I thought I would burst! Thankfully I was able to announce my first book deal within weeks of the sale, but those weeks felt like forever. My most recent secret news has involved the adorable cover for my next book FREAKY IN FRESNO which has been the home screen on my phone for the past six months but only just last week became public. It has so much character and it has been so much fun to get people's reactions to the now-familiar-to-me image. Even one blogger who didn't care for the cover made me smile because she was REACTING to it strongly. My new cover is out there and it belongs to the world (and bloggers) now! That pooch! That pink! It's just perfect and reflects the fun story inside and I couldn't be happier with my new book cover!

And so that's the last of my secret news stash for now. Looking forward to holding onto the next secret... hopefully soon!


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