Setting: One Foot in the Real World by Kimberly Sabatini

This week on the blog we are talking about setting. 
For me, setting is often like a seperate character. And because my cooks aren't contemporary, creating a unique setting can get complicated. What helps me is to have one foot in the real world. I find I need that jumping off place--that solid footing--to spark my imagination. 
And once I've picked a place I love or connect with--I can then begin to mold and shape the real world to compliment the make-believe stories I have in my head.

If you've read TOUCHING THE SURFACE you're already familiar, but if you haven't, my book takes place in the after life. In a place called The Obmil. (Limbo spelled backwards <3) And it's kind of like group therapy for those who've died--and keep dying--because they haven't figured out what they need to learn in order to move on.

As we all know, the after life is wide open to interpretation. Have you watched The Good Place or What Dream May Come? Or read The Lovely Bones? 

Every body gets to invent their own version of the day after.

I stumbled upon the vision of my after life while on a day hike with my family.
Welcome to the Obmil...

Otherwise known at Mohonk Mountain House.

THIS is the place where I envision lost souls going to figure out why life altering mistakes are meant to alter lives. <3

And as I walked around, my mind jumping in a million directions, I discovered more and more things to spark moments in my story.

Here's Trevor's Pond...

The location where Elliot arrived at the Obmil...

Elliot getting into her boat...

Mel and Elliot sitting in the rocking chairs...

Elliot and Julia's tower room...

Being able to visualize a place where my story seemed at home put my imagination into a domino like effect.

And I believe that having put my foot in this world, allowed me to create a more believable magical world.

To see more setting and character sparks, check out my

What is your favorite magical setting in a book? I'm going to have to say the world of Harry Potter. 


  1. LOVE that you created a magical world based on a real setting!

  2. Love seeing the actual setting on which you based Touching the Surface...and it's everything I pictured as I read - you brought it all to life so perfectly!


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