Indie Publishing and Fear (Holly Schindler)

My first traditional book came out in 2010. I started indie (self) publishing in 2015.

I'm now officially a hybrid--publishing on both the traditional and indie platforms. But in all honesty, nothing has helped me conquer fears quite like indie publishing.
By committing to indie publishing, I know that all my books will be published. No more drawer novels that just couldn't find a home. The thing is, self-publishing isn't about not being "good" enough for traditional publishing. Often, it just means the work didn't quite fit publishing agendas or platforms. But by deciding that the book will go live one way or another, it erases the Is this ever going to see the light of day? fear. 
With indie publishing, you don't have one chance. If a book isn't selling, you can continue to work on it. Switch out covers. Change the blurb. If it's not hitting readers the right way, you can even take it down, rework the manuscript, and republish. Why not? Working on manuscripts even after they've been published has really diminished the fear of making some sort of mistake with a book. 
Indie publishing teaches you everything traditional publishing can't. With indie publishing, I'm making 100% of all the decisions. I design covers. I format the interiors. I write the blurbs. I handle marketing. I have an in-house editor who reads as I write; we bounce ideas and hone the manuscript. I do the copyediting. Because I'm making all the decisions, I learn more. And it informs how I write manuscripts I send to publishers. It makes me feel more confident about submitting those books. 
I've said it often, and I mean it: I think the best thing any writer can do is self-publish something. Even if it's under a pseudonym. It's really amazing how much you learn about the writing industry. And it gives you the kind of confidence that allows you to kick fear to the curb.


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