The World Needs Harry Styles | Sara Biren


This past Sunday, I experienced a night like nothing I’ve experienced before: seeing Harry Styles in concert at the United Center in Chicago with my 15-year-old daughter and friends from Minnesota. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime but there was something very special and unforgettable about this show.

We arrived a half-hour before doors opened and stood in line with hundreds of fans who expressed themselves, their individuality, and their love for Harry with their spectacular outfits, makeup, hair, and accessories. A mom walked up and down the street wearing her hair in pigtail buns and a shirt that readin gold, glittery lettersProtect Trans Kids. Harry welcomed us into that safe space and reminded his fans that here, they could be who they’ve always wanted to be. One fan named Sonia held a sign that read, “Harry, help me come out (pls)” and he did, reassuring her and giving her a rainbow boa. 

Harry tells us that everything is gonna be all right.

The world needs more humans like Harry Styles. Yes, he’s a superstaran amazing, compelling, entertaining musician. Listening to his music brings me (and millions of others) absolute joy. But he offers so much more than his albums and concerts and movies. Harry Styles has created a space of love, kindness, acceptance, and hope. He reminds us to treat people with kindness, with love, and he welcomes us all with wide-open arms.

This strikes me as even more important now that so many parents, school boards, and legislators are restricting what our kids can learn and read and feel and be. Our kids need to be able to find characters like themselves in the books they read, but instead, they’re hearing that these books are not okaythat THEY themselves aren’t okay. We should be helping kids navigate their journeyswhatever that looks likenot creating more roadblocks with book bans and other restrictions.

The world needs more people like Harry Stylesand zero book bans. Let’s do what we can to spread the love, to treat people with kindness, and to get books into the hands of the kids who need them the most. This month, I’ll be donating books to a local high school English class, the Boys and Girls Club, and a school district in Minnesota. I’m sure there will be a few banned books in those boxes.


  1. One of my favorite memories growing up are the shows I saw with Mom. And YES to letting kids just be. :)


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