A Note to Teen Me (Sydney Salter)

What would I tell my younger self? Self-esteem comes from what's inside, not outside. Buy Apple stock. Don't be so hung up on that guy--he's not worth it. Take the tougher History class. Try writing short stories, you're going to end up doing it anyway. Failure is unavoidable. Take typing, not orchestra. Don't get that perm. Or that other perm either. Maybe I'd tell myself not to listen to so much Billy Ocean -- your future husband will question your taste in music, and mention "Caribbean Queen" every time you dislike one of his favorite songs. All that nonsense about tough times building character is true. You will make mistakes. "Perfect" should be considered a swearword. Don't spend money on beauty products, spend time appreciating yourself as you are. Sorry to tell you this--but you'll still get pimples in your fifties. Your grubby little brother will become one of your favorite people. Parents are human. Parenting will humble you. Ask your grandparents to tell you more stories--lots more stories! Seek out kind people. Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone is facing their own struggles. Keep in touch with your friends. Forgiveness is the skill you'll prize most. Keep dreaming your dreams. Persistence brings success. Love your body, especially your knees. Don't be afraid of change. Remember: Apple stock. 


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