My hope for the future? I hope there is one. by Allie Burton

One of my book series is called the Lost Daughters of Atlantis and most of the stories take place under the ocean. While researching, I learned a lot about the ocean including the effects of marine debris and climate change.

And I’m worried.

Among the top 10 kinds of trash picked up on coastal cleanup days were plastic bottles, grocery bags, straws, take out containers, and food wrappers—all made of plastic. ‘Scientists think that about 8 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2010. That’s the weight of nearly 90 aircraft carriers…’ (A Guide to Plastic in the Ocean) Plastic doesn’t decompose, and in the ocean it can break into tiny pieces called microplastics. Marine mammals and fish end up swallowing these tiny pieces. Which means if you eat fish, you’ll be eating plastic too.

I base many book descriptions on coral reefs I’ve seen while snorkeling. Coral reefs provide shelter and food to ocean life, and scientists predict they could be gone in 30 years because of carbon emissions, over-fishing, mismanaged tourism, and climate change.

Completely gone.

Other effects of climate change on the oceans are an increase in temperature, glacial melting, sea level rise, and stronger and more frequent hurricanes. This affects everyone and our very existence.

What can you do?

1. Use reusable grocery bags
2. Don’t use single use water bottles
3. Eat less meat and dairy
4. Leave the car at home or do all your errands together
5. Respect and protect green spaces and oceans
6. Cut consumption and waste
7. Make your voice count by telling your elected representatives that you think climate change is important
Allie Burton is the author of several young adult fantasy books including A Glass Slipper Adventure, Lost Daughters of Atlantis, and Warrior Academy. You can find out more about her at #yafantasy #yabooks #academyfantasy #witchacademy #AGlassSlipperAdventure #allieburton #LostDaughtersofAtlantis #climatechange #hope


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  2. I'm a BIG believer in small steps--if we all just do a little, like you describe, it adds up.


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