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White as snow and evil as ice. Who is the real Snow White?

Three full novels in this twisted fairytale book bundle tell her story. Releases February 21st.

Snow Wicked White What if she chose to stay out of the fight, but when she’s forced to help the enemy, her betrayal wakes a sleeping giant? Destiny Snow is the last known banshee in the kingdom and under the regent’s orders she forced to track majiks to steal their power. When she makes a major mistake, several important resistance leaders are captured, including her childhood crush, Stone.

Snow Warrior White – What if finding others like her costs her the one she loves? Destiny planned to fight in the battle with the prince, but she’s kidnapped by a secret banshee clan. She believes there’s safety in numbers and she’s finally found other banshees. But when she comes into her full powers, it releases a cataclysmic force no one can control.

Snow Witching White – What if she must learn to control her unusual magic or risk destroying the kingdom, and her friends? Destiny is caught in the middle of a power struggle between witches and warlocks. Both sides fight over the greater force controlling their world, a force that works against her, a force that prophesized she’d destroy the kingdom.

“An excellent sequel that is spellbinding and magical and wickedly good.” – Reviewer


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