New Year's Eve Goals, Revised (Holly Schindler)

When the year started, I made an official list of all the forthcoming writing projects I wanted to tackle. There were nine of them. Nine!

 Sounds loony--because it is. 

I've been in the indie publishing world for the past several years--if the traditional publishing world is a bunch of hurry-up-and-wait, the indie world is just a lot of hurry up. It constantly seems the recommendation is to put up more projects. More after that. So much so, my average of four a year doesn't seem like enough. 

This year, I'm diversifying--I had several years of art training when I was young, and actually began applying to colleges as an art major. I've always done my own book covers and design--I like it; it's enjoyable. It's also nice to tackle creative projects that don't take several months (or years) to finish. So I'm making myself sit down and learn the ins and outs of digital art, which is something I've wanted to do for years. Finally figure out how to apply what I long ago learned in traditional media to a digital form.

My hope for the year is that I learn several new outlets--font creation as well as handlettering and illustration. I want to add it to my own literary work, but I also want to sell it elsewhere, in some digital goods marketplaces. I hope it will allow me the ability to breathe a little bit--not feel guilty for not writing, for taking the time to enjoy new music or watch a movie. 

I mean, it doesn't take much to enjoy life. A good meal, a new book, nice company, and, yes, breathing room--that's the sweet stuff.


  1. You're absolutely right about the constant pressure in the indie publishing world to produce, produce, produce! After spending at least three years desperately trying to increase my production rate, I finally made peace with MY process...which is slow and methodical. We can only be ourselves, not some idealized "successful" author. Good for you, diversifying in ways to protect your sanity!

    1. Hey, thanks! It's total madness, I tell ya--I've come to think that slow and methodical is the only way to write. (I've also slowed my reading down--I want to ENJOY reading, not push to get to the next book, then the next book after that...)


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