John Clark has a new anthology out (Oct 28th) called Dark Maine

Open the cover and you will meet The Dark Lady who haunts the dreams of a recovering alcoholic, A fussy gardener with a secret past, A greedy lawyer who gets a Thanksgiving comeuppance, A Gulf War veteran whose combat injury left him without a conscience, and a girl mildly allergic to sunlight who returns for her tenth high school reunion with a unique plan for revenge.
Read on and discover how a spooked partridge saves a man’s life, a teen mountain biker suffers a serious injury in a thunderstorm and makes a new friend in the process, while a young woman returns to the hardscrabble town she left under unfortunate circumstances to confront her father.
You’ll also meet a man with terminal cancer who finds a unique way to solve his pain, a man whose new neighbors disrupt his solitude with a demented turkey, a girl bullied because of her body who eventually turns that shame into a most unique career, while a bankrupt tannery returns from the brink of closure in a bizarre way.
These and more await you within. Some have been previously published in numerous anthologies, the rest crept out of dark corners to entertain you. May one become your favorite.

On November 9th, Janet Raye Stevens releases the third book in her Beryl Blue, Time Cop time travel adventure series, Every Time We Say Goodbye.

Time has met its match in Beryl Blue…

Beryl Blue’s third adventure in time finds her hunting for both the man who murdered her parents and a way to keep the man she loves, Tom ‘Sully’ Sullivan, from meeting his fatal date with destiny. She’s also searching for some answers to her convoluted past, answers that may not be what she expects when she’s sent on a race across the centuries that ends with her back in Sully’s arms. This time she’s not letting go, no matter what time, fate, or destiny has in store. 

History, mystery, romance, and a touch of sci-fi collide in this final thrilling adventure of feisty librarian-turned-time-cop Beryl Blue in the award-winning Beryl Blue, Time Cop series


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