You Don't Know Everything (Holly Schindler)

It doesn't matter how many lit degrees you have. It doesn't matter how many books you've published. You don't know everything about writing. 

And you can never, ever, stop learning. 

I think that's what maturity has brought me, almost more than anything: comfort in the idea that there will always be room to grow, as far as my writing ability goes. 

What have I been doing lately, in order to grow?

* Attending all sorts of webinars--Jane Friedman is an excellent source. 

* Trying out new software--I particularly like Plottr.

* Reading new craft books. (Why have I never read Maass's Breakout Novel???)

* Trying new techniques. (I've always been a big proponent of outlining to draft, but have never outlined ahead of a revision, which is what I'm currently up to.)

I'm writing about my experience of trying out this new revision technique at my Substack. Hope to see you there!


Holly Schindler is the author of the YA A Blue So Dark.


  1. Neato. I'm trying something new on Substack. I'm serializing a techno=thriller called Afternoon Break.


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