Almost There (Sarah Porter)

It's a bit of a nervous time. Lost Voices is officially out on Monday the 4th, though friends are already seeing it around. And it's my first published book, after many years of slogging and frustration. And it transpires that not everybody sympathizes with killer mermaids.

I suppose, for those who are used to being published, all of this is quite familiar and even routine. But for me it's fresh and unsettling, and I can't really afford to get unsettled when there's still that looming deadline for the third volume in the trilogy.

More next time. For now, there's this beautiful book trailer:


  1. Looks like a fantastic book, such an original premise!

  2. From a fellow creator of dark and malevolent mermaids, cheers to your release! :)

  3. Congratulations, and happy release!

  4. Sarah, I'm so sorry I missed you in NYC, but I got to hold a copy of your gorgeous book. CONGRATULATIONS on your release! And...I really like having a deadline around book release time. Otherwise I would Worry and Dwell.


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