The Relationship I Never Thought I’d Have (Holly Schindler)

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing, and I can’t think of a moment growing up when I didn’t dream of being a full-time author. I just always imagined myself making money doing the one thing I loved more than any…

But I never imagined, in all those years of dreaming, that I’d ever have a relationship with my readers. I mean, come on, writers aren’t rock stars—they don’t fill auditoriums with throngs of screaming fans who pass out at the mere thought of breathing the same air.

Sure, I figured I might sign a few books here and there. Shake a hand once or twice. But never did I ever think I’d ever know any of my readers by name.

Imagine my utter thrill, then, to find the book blogosphere. (I honestly didn’t know it existed before I sold my debut, A Blue So Dark, to Flux in early ’09.) Not only do I know many of my readers, but my readers are also some of my very best publicists! (Whoulda thunk?)

Throughout the Playing Hurt Blog Tour, my readers posted reviews and book recommendations, passed copies of Playing Hurt on to their friends, and hosted giveaways.

So I might not be a rock star, but my readers rock…

To find out just how much my readers rock, check out my video below (during which I run the “credits” for my Playing Hurt Blog Tour)…


  1. This is such a lovely post! Isn't the interweb fantastic?

  2. It absolutely is, Christine! Love the blogosphere...

  3. Such a sweet video! And I agree, readers and bloggers rock! I feel like my books have reached a wider audience because of them!

  4. Thanks, Stephanie! Aren't bloggers the coolest???


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