Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How I Read (and, oh, how I love to read!) - Jenny O'Connell

How do I read? As often as possible. I would spend all day reading if I could. Just about every room in my house has a book or books stacked on a table. I have a book by my bathtub (I love to read in a bubble bath), in my kitchen (so I can grab one on the way out to the patio and the pool), in my office (where I also have stacks of books I've read waiting to be given away to someone I think would love them), on the desk in my kitchen (so I can grab one on my way out the door), and, of course, on my night table (a little bedtime reading). I even have books on my bedroom floor, mostly because I can't fit them all on my night table.

I hate finishing books I love (just finished Sonya Sones' latest and LOVED it, was so sad to turn the last page). And then there are books I can't really get into but feel I should read because of a review or recommendation (those are most likely the ones on my bedroom floor and, honestly, I rarely actually end up finishing them). The "to be read" pile is typically the one on the shelf in my kitchen. And the "in progress" books are the ones on my night table and kitchen desk. The bookshelf in my office houses books I can't bear to part with and will keep, in addition to the ones I hope to give away to some lucky friend or reader.

I typically don't continue reading a book if I really am not enjoying it. I truly believe that life is too short to spend time reading something that isn't giving me joy. I get that not every book is for everyone (I've read books I've loved and my best friend, who is like my twin, didn't like it at all) so I don't feel bad. The author got their royalty from the sale of the book, even if I didn't have the reaction I'd hoped, and as long as authors continue to get paid and publishers continue to make money, I'll continue to have books to read - and that makes me happy.


  1. I'm with you on spending all day reading!

  2. I try try try to put books aside that aren't connecting with me. I've gotten better at that lately--because you're right: life is too short and there are a ton of other books TBR. I still feel guilt though and I remember each book I set down unfinished and wonder if I could've gotten into it if I'd kept going...

  3. I really need to give myself permission not to finish books, though lately it hasn’t been a problem because I’ve been lucky enough to pick winners! I’m with you on hating it when I reach the end. When I reached the end of the Hunger Games series, I couldn’t read for a couple of weeks because I didn’t know how I’d ever be able to immerse myself in another world.

  4. I've struggled with putting books down I don't connect with, but I'm getting better because there are just too many I want to read. And I hate when the good ones are over, too!