Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the kitchen is my sanctuary

When I'm writing a book, I need time away from my desk. I spend most of the day with my characters, listening to their voices and jotting words on paper. After a while, I drift into the kitchen. Then I sink my hands into bread dough, roll out fresh pasta, or slice up goodies from my window garden. It's the perfect hobby for someone who lives inside her head.

radishes (and most fresh veggies) are yummiest when roasted!

measuring cup by cup

kneading bread dough is so relaxing!

delicate ramps (wild onions) remind me of music notes

a pair of French loaves--one to keep and one to give away

I never liked tomatoes...until I tasted them in my summer CSA basket. It's all about eating with the seasons.

Working in the kitchen is a lot like revising a story. You learn as you go. There's no perfect recipe---only what tastes right to you. All that matters is that you're the present tense.


  1. That bread and those veggies look really good. I wish my kitchen was a sanctuary for me too, but every time I try to cook something I end up ruining it and/or setting it on fire.

    1. Sometimes I burn stuff too....but I keep trying. It's sort of like writing a book. :)

  2. Crissa, what gorgeous pictures! PS. Put me down for your next extra loaf of bread.

    1. Thanks Jody! If we ever cross paths...remind me to bring a loaf!

  3. Yes--the photos were gorgeous and spoke volumes. Thanks for sharing them!