Running Out of Time

I was talking to a friend recently about writing ideas, and she told me she believes we get a window to write our idea, and if we don't jump on it, the universe gives it to someone else. In addition to this being a fantastic premise for a novel or short story, it's something I think about too, but can't really do anything about.

I don't know what's going on with my brain lately, but I've had seven ideas I began writing only to have enthusiasm for each one disappear. This could be because the last YA I wrote is floating in agent cyberspace, and it's hard to write a new idea when the last one you poured your heart into is an orphan. Or, it could be because I've had contracted projects since June and finally turned in my last one a few weeks ago so my brain is still wobbly and confused. The irony is that while I was doing the contracted projects, I had all these ideas I was excited to get to when deadlines were done. Now, here I am, full of ideas that can't seem to make it past my head or a few pages.

This brings me back to my friend's point. I feel I have a limited amount of time to write these books or someone else will. But maybe that's a sign in itself. Sometimes? But there are those times when you have this idea and you're playing beat the clock to finish because you know it's a good one, and then BAM. PW comes out and that same idea just sold. I know we can't work like this--in fear of trying because it's crushing to be almost done with a book and then see someone had beat you to it, and then what? When writing is just a hobby, it's different. Yes, I still love writing, but it's also my career, and it's not always so easy to regroup and write something new just like that (*snapping fingers for effect*).

So...back to my brain full of awesome ideas afraid to make it onto paper. I suppose the logical thing to do is make them come out. Keep writing even if the enthusiasm is waning because maybe it's not the enthusiasm that's waning but a fear that's growing and taking over. That seems the best we can do because time doesn't take a break. And too many people in the universe are waiting for new ideas.


  1. Lots of my ideas fizzle out after a few pages or a few chapters. It's the rare one that has staying power. Figuring out what to write takes almost as much time as the actual writing!

    1. So true! It's hard when you get excited about an idea and then start writing it only to have it go phht!

  2. I used to sweat bullets every single time I saw notice of a book releasing / being reviewed, etc. was somehow similar to something I was working on--or subbing. But then I'd chase those books down, only to discover that those books and mine were TOTALLY different. I don't worry so much anymore.


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