Doing Debut Over

In the spirit of the do-over theme this month, (as well as my own insane schedule right now) I'll be re-sharing a video I made back when I was a debut author. Just as every book has its own journey, so too does each author have a path, some with more twists and turns (and GAPS) than others.

I just got a peek at the (ah-mazing) cover for my 2017 release, GRAFFITI LOVE and I can't wait to share it. By the time this book comes out, it will be four years since my debut, and two and a half years since my last release (not counting the paperback release of ADRENALINE CRUSH coming in two months - woot!) This gap in my publishing career was not filled with peaceful strolls along the beach. It felt more like a gaping chasm and it has been filled with work and sweat (and, yes, a few tears) as I've developed my craft and fought for the opportunity to do all of this again.

I always thought of myself as a book-a-year sort of author, but the break from publishing has been good for me. It feels like I'm starting all over again and I'm a wiser and more experienced author this time around. And it makes the release of this new book all the sweeter!


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