I’m delighted to announce that I recently released my latest full-length novel, Miles Left Yet

With Miles Left Yet, I move into yet another new genre, this time boomer lit.

Love Has No Age Limit

A road trip for a motley crew from the Granite Ridge Retirement Community—in a vintage Mustang convertible, no less—quickly turns into an adventure of second chances, fresh starts, and the discovery that love is never a landmark in the rearview mirror. No matter what the odometer reads, as long as there’s gas in the tank, there are always still new roads to explore...plenty of miles left yet.

Why boomer? 

In so many ways, it’s really a natural fit. This period of life (retirement or shortly thereafter) is often referred to as the “second YA.” It’s a time of redefinition, of finding and figuring out your place in the world now that the nest is empty and careers are coming or have come to a close. Is that a do-over? Maybe, to some extent. It's starting a new chapter after so many miles have been traveled and lessons have been learned. Embarking on a new adventure feeling comfortable in your own skin...

Miles Left Yet also allows me to indulge in a new kind of narration. A character has different revelations, different observations, a different sense of humor depending on their stage of life. A seventeen-year-old doesn’t have the same worldview as a seventy-year-old. In this book, my characters are more fully rounded—in many ways, my narration is richer because of their experiences and backstories.

I’ve got a bird’s-eye view of this time of life. I live with a boomer who is also my first reader and had a big hand in shaping these characters. One of the most powerful experiences in life is seeing yourself on the page—hearing your own thoughts being spit back at you, knowing someone understands somewhat the reasons behind who you have become. It was incredibly important to me that readers in this age group would find the characters to be authentic, and that readers of all ages would enjoy the heartaches and joys of my characters’ lives as they embark on their "second YA."


  1. Got my copy and I'm looking forward to reading it! Congrats, Holly!


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