The Heat is On (Brian Katcher)

I been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to get out of the rain.

An old hippie once told me he'd ridden the horse with no name (the guy did a lot of drugs). Actually, they say you don't name a horse  you ride through the desert, as you don't want to get too attached if you end up having to eat it.

The coldest place I ever lived was Pachuca, Mexico (1998-2000). It was up in the mountains, so it never got too hot. Rained a lot.

Third From Left, Back Row

The hottest place I ever lived was Tel Aviv, Israel (June, 2004).
That's also where I ate the blandest (least-hot) food in my life. If there's one thing worse than army food, it's kosher army food.

The hottest food product I've ever tasted is Dave's Insanity sauce.

The hottest I ever felt was sophomore year (1990-91), when I sat next to Jenny B. in science class. I was a good student and let people copy my work. Her first words to me were 'I can tell I'm going to enjoy sitting next to you.' Oh, the feeling was mutual.

The coldest I ever felt was November 8, 2016. I don't speak of it.


  1. Heat memory: passing a bank sign in Phoenix at 1 in the morning that read 105. Coldest (twice) -38 here in Maine...Definitely nor t-shirt weather. Humidity is far more evil...It was so bad last week, I saw promises sticking to politicians.

  2. Great post. Wow, you've gotten around! I'm a New Englander from birth, and I don't handle heat well; 90 degrees is scorching in my book. And yeah, I hear you on Nov. 8th.


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