The importance of following and creating new traditions by Patty Blount

 All month long, we're blogging about our favorite holidays. I realize I'm a month late, but I'm raising a hand for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Pros

  • It's not a religious holiday so it doesn't exclude 
  • It's not a gift-giving holiday, so you don't have to go into debt
  • It's a meal-based holiday, which means you don't have to get creative with the menu unless you'd like to offer variety to those who don't like the traditional menu

Thankgiving Cons

  • That meal is darn hard to time so it's hot
  • Nobody has an oven large enough for all those sides

When I was little, we used to split Thanksgiving between two of my aunts'. Dinner at one house, dessert at the other. Over time, divorces, marriages, and relocations changed the landscape of our celebrations but not the heart of them. More recently, I've been sharing Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law and we alternate each year. 

Covid put a stop to that this year so I went on a quest for the world's smallest turkey. I found one under 10 lbs and we had a lovely day. 

At its heart, Thanksgiving is a peaceful holiday and I love that most of all. 


  1. Pie eating contests with marathon card games afterward. I can't eat pie any more and we stopped the cards, but now I have grandchildren to replace both.

  2. I appreciate Thanksgiving more the older I get!


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