Palate Cleansing Isn’t Only for Food by Allie Burton

A palate cleanser is any food or beverage served between courses to prepare for the next course. They’re designed to improve digestion and stimulate the appetite. Sometimes authors need a palate cleanser to stimulate their creativity.

Think of it as sorbet for the mind. Mmm, I love sorbet.

I just finished the 6th book in A Glass Slipper Adventure series, Snow Witching White, and have ideas for several more books in the series. Except I’m starting to feel stale and unimaginative when it comes to the fantasy world I created, so I’m going to take a break to write something completely different.

A palate cleanser.

This book is an idea that has been in the back of my brain for years. It’s historical fiction in a time period that hasn’t been considered historic until recently. It features a taboo young adult romance, racism, and war. Unfortunately, topics that are timeless in a period from the past.

Just thinking about the idea, my creative juices are flowing. I’m actually looking forward to the research and the full development of the story. I can’t wait to start writing!

Whether writing books or something else, what do you do to mix things up?


  1. After a full day's work on my main WIP, I like to play with ideas before bed. Just using the ol' brain in a different way helps.

  2. I write other genres. My YA novels tend to be tough issues and emotionally draining. I also write adult romance and romantic suspense. I turn to those projects when I need a break from the emotional triggers of my YA stories.


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