It Ain't Gonna Be Perfect (Holly Schindler)

This post is several days late. I usually post on the 21st. This month, I didn't make. it. 

Why? Well, the day I needed to post, this was the scene outside my back door:


The sliding glass door broke. Which meant we had a blast furnace blowing into the house. 

This kind of thing happens at my house all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. I live in the house I grew up in, and hoo-doggies, are there issues in a house this old. (WHY DOES EVERYONE DECIDE TO CHANGE THE SIZES OF PARTS? PLUMBING PARTS, ELECTRICAL PARTS--WHY? TRY FINDING A SHOWER STEM FROM 1970 SOMETIME. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.)

Anyway, there are often large chunks of my days that are eaten up by crazy house events. 

And listen, the best practical advice I can give is this: there is never a perfect time to write a book. You will never have a peaceful household or uninterrupted hours. You will never not have to make dinner or help with homework or clean up after the dog. You will never not have a broken washing machine or find yourself locked out of your house. 

Stuff doesn't just happen. Stuff is ALWAYS happening.

You've got to punt. Write in snatches of time. And be open to working on a variety of devices or manners. If you're having a hard time getting your fingers on the keyboard, consider dictating into your phone. I've thumbed tons of chapters into my phone while waiting in various lines. Planning what you'll write ahead of time helps a ton, too. 

Really. Just punt. And if you know where I can find those shower stems, drop me a comment.