reading fiesta!

I am not a "write every day" kind of writer. I'm often taking notes, certainly, and thinking about my characters. But that doesn't mean that I sit down and write every day. Some writers would scold me for this - "you're only a writer on the days that you write!" But I've come to like this time off from writing; I see it as part of my process. A couple weeks to recharge, gain some perspective on my draft and, most importantly, read other books! Because if you think I can't get sick of reading my own stuff, you would be terribly wrong.

Now I'm reveling in REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly, which is wonderful. It's so liberating to just fall into a book - especially such a good book. And it makes me hungry for more: maybe I'll finally read the second book in Clive Barker's ABARAT series, or Joyce Ballou Gregorian's CASTLEDOWN, or take Margaret George's huge tome MEMOIRS OF CLEOPATRA down from my shelf? Or maybe I'll read more about the French Revolution, as Donnelly's book has certainly peaked my interest. And then, what about all the great authors on this blog whose books I haven't read?

I have a date coming up with my work-in-progress, very soon: we will drink tea and get to know each other again. And I have a due date to get it back to my agent. But for now, I just want to fall into a book that isn't my sole responsibility and just enjoy being a reader, for a while.


  1. Reading is always a part of my recharging process, too. I turned in my completed manuscript in December and while I've been waiting for my edits, I've reveled in the opportunity to just read, read, read.

  2. How could any of us be writers if we don't read? Before I started writing, I read all the time, two sometimes three books a week, now I'm down to about one book a month. My priorities have surely changed and I use almost every free minute writing or reading what I've written, but there are many a day I have nothing but a sentence to write and that is the time I know I need a break and enjoy someone else's story. Alisa, enjoy the time you have to read!!!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more!! I HAVE to read while writing, it's like food that nourishes my own words. I just finished WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON by John Green and David Levithan and loved it!! And its funny lines and great characters totally inspired me. Definitely check it out.

  4. Ever since a friend told me how much she loved REVOLUTION, I've wanted to read it, but my reading stack has grown so tall, I have to separate it into various piles before it threatens to topple over and kill me. How I would dearly love to have a few hours each day to really "curl up with a good book," but -- for the time being, at least, just ain't happening. But I do love getting lost in a book, as you say, Alisa. One of the best feelings in the world. These days I'm only lost for about 5-15 minutes at a time. Sigh.


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