Inspiration Surrounds Us—By Danielle Joseph

I am equally inspired by music, books, people and real life events. Right before I started writing Shrinking Violet I read White Oleander by Janet Fitch. I loved the book and once I put it down, I was ready to write something powerful. Although Shrinking Violet is nothing like White Oleander, it propelled me to write form the heart. To write a book rich in voice, to scrutinize each word that I put on the page and to make sure my pacing flowed seamlessly.

For those of you that have read my first two books, you probably know I am a huge music fan. So before coming up with the idea for Indigo Blues, I listened to the song Hey There, Delilah by the Plain White T’s like a billion times and not just because it was played over and over on the radio. The song was catchy and told a story. It got me wondering what it would be like to be the real Delilah and the singer that was in love with her. And that’s how Indigo Jackson and Adam Spade were born.

For Pure Red (coming this fall from Flux) I was inspired by inspiration itself. This book was driven by the love to create. About the icky feeling I get if I haven’t had time to be creative, to work on my passion. In the story, Cassia Bernard has given herself one summer to try and find her true passion. She is fueled by her counselor telling her she may end up nowhere and stymied by her dad, the uber creative local Mami artist.

As for people, I am constantly inspired by the people I read about that have overcome their own obstacles and stood up for what they believe in. Helen Keller is a huge inspiration to me and plays a part in Shrinking Violet.

Last week I was inspired by a Sesame Street song that a friend posted on Facebook of all things. It could be because my daughter who is turning two soon is a Elmo fanatic or because I am a big fan of the Black Eyed Peas but nonetheless, I like the message and even my two boys enjoyed it. So go out there and create from the heart but be yourself!


  1. I loved this post, so much. Janet Fitch did the exact same thing for me that she did for you and I will always remember the moment when I finished both Paint It Black and White Oleander.

    "To write a book rich in voice, to scrutinize each word that I put on the page and to make sure my pacing flowed seamlessly." <-- PERFECT.

    Inspiration does indeed surround us. I'd love to check out Shrinking Violet.

  2. Wil.I. Am on Sesame Street. OMG LOVE!!

    Great post!

  3. Wonderful! Also, I am a sucker for anything muppet related.


  4. Oh man, thanks! LOVED the post and the vid!

  5. Amy, thanks so much and I hope you enjoy Shrinking Violet! Janet, lol, I agree! And thank you Alisha and Deb:)!

  6. It's true that inspiration flows from so many places at once! Yay that you draw such diversity. Thanks for this post.


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