Hot, Hot, Hot (Holly Schindler)

In order to usher in August's theme ("hot"), I decided to take a walk through my (drought-stricken) backyard here in Missouri.  Turn up your volume for this one:

...Ahhhh...August in Missouri.


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    1. It really is--August is usually a scorcher here, but the past two summers have been especially brutal. The upside is that the winters don't really seem as bad after such hot summers (I say with my fingers crossed)...

  2. Yikes. We just had a rogue thunderstorm here north of Los Angeles. One thunder clap was loud enough to set off car alarms.

    1. We (finally!) got some rain last night, too...Heavenly...

  3. What an awesome post, totally enjoyed watching your toes crunch through the grass!

  4. Last week my guy and I drove to KC to visit my aunt and uncle. Everything we saw looked just like your lawn. So sad. Wishing you gallons and gallons of rain!


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