Writing In Summer Heat (Sydney Salter)

I adore my school year writing routine. Coffee, a writing exercise, maybe a wee bit of email, and a nice chunk of time for my WIP. Just me and my cat...

But it's summer now, and my writing routine has to become almost as creative as what I'm writing. This morning I woke up early for some quiet time before I take the dogs to the vet and carpool to soccer camp. I volunteered to drive both ways all week, so that I can plunk myself down in the bagel shop (free coffee refills) and write for three solid hours without the summertime busyness at home (nine pets, a teen, an almost teen, a husband, a granny, and appliances that keep wanting to break).

Summer writing is a bit easier now that my daughters are older and more independent; sometimes my 16 year old sleeps so long, I send her sister to check if she's breathing. I do have more time now, especially if I get up early, even if I don't have a routine.

A few summers ago, I got a lot of writing done in McDonald's play land. Later we graduated to the bookstore where I'd buy the girls frothy concoctions and send them off to the kids section with strict instructions not to talk to me for an hour. I've spent plenty of time crouched over my notebook or laptop at those little tables too. Anything to get words down.

Often I meet people who tell me that they'd like to write a novel, but they don't have time. I smile and nod, but I'm thinking, "no, you'd like to write a novel, if you'd like to write a novel."

We can always find the time.


  1. So true, Sydney! Finding times and places to write takes almost as much creativity as the process itself. But if we really want to do it we find a way.

  2. You're absolutely right. Time isn't something you find. It's something you carve out of life and grab with both hands. This post was good to find because I've been having a little bit of panic over the fact that this fall I'll suddenly have so much more going on than I did during these blissful summer months. But it's true--if writing's something you want to do, you make a way.

  3. I like how your cat is sitting on your shoulders; the cat looks very comfortable. I like writing in cafes too; there's something about coffee that motivates me to write. It's probably all the caffeine. :)
    It's true what you said about making the time. I think those people who say that they want to write a novel but never make the time don't want to write as much as they want to get published.

  4. What a helpful cat! I totally agree, Sydney--we always have time for the things we really want in life.


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