Every book is worthy (Lauren Bjorkman)

Here’s a lesson that keeps coming back to me.

Don’t criticize a book …

just because it has speling erors

or bizarre. Punctuation!

or uses similes like they’re going out of style

or has as many clichés per page as there are grains of sand on a beach

or uses adverbs obsessively excessively obnoxiously

or, the, sentences, are, choppy

or you just couldn’t get into it.

Not every book is for every person. Just because I don’t love a particular book, doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

I'll try to remember that the next time I read a sucky review of Miss Fortune Cookie. (And I'll try not to let the good reviews swell my head, either.)


  1. I agree, especially because my tastes often run counter to other people's; sometimes I'll read a review in a newspaper or a magazine that praises a book or a movie, but it's something that I didn't like at all. By a similar token, there are some books that I love that are panned by critics.

  2. So true!!!! Giving everyone a little room to just be doesn't sound like a bad idea. <3

  3. YES! Books are as different as people...

  4. You remind me of an old lesson I learned from an artist.

    "Never Ewww a painting. Your Ewww could be someone else's Ooooo."


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