Addicted to Pinterest

When it comes to social media, I always have the best intentions. As an author, I'm supposed to use social media to network, making meaningful connections with readers and other writers. The motto is: Go forth and get yourself known.

But when I visit a site, I usually end up goofing around. Take Pinterest, my latest love. Essentially Pinterest lets you create virtual bulletin boards. Instead of decorating them with photos and tacks, you “pin” your favorite pictures on the board with links from the internet.

Then you spend countless hours perusing other people’s boards, commenting, liking, or repinning anything and everything you see.

But when you decide to repin a picture, suddenly you realize you don’t have the right board, so you have to create another. And another.

In one dizzying afternoon I created seven boards. Only two were related to writing and books. Stuff I want has 21 pins. Many of them involve miniature animals.

I’m in awe has cool pix, too.

 As does Tee Hee.

I put up at least a hundred photos in one day before cutting myself off. From the looks of things over at Pinterest, others are behaving far worse.

At least I’m having fun.

Care to join me? We can waste time together.


  1. I can't decide if cup o' cat or the flying alien cat is weirder ...

  2. I found the cats in mugs while researching Teacup Persians for my current novel. My MC ends up toasting someone with a furry cupful. Very silly.

  3. I'm not typically one for cute cat pictures, but... these are pretty darn cute.


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