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Since publishers don’t have the funds to get behind every book they produce, we authors have to do a lot of the hard lifting when it comes to marketing. This is a list of my marketing efforts during the past four years: 

(An S means the results were worth it--for whatever reason. An F means forget about it next time. DK means I just don't know!)

DK 1.    Bookmarks and business cards--Gotta have them whether they work or not. 
Adding the tassels was a waste of time.

S  2.    Blog tours, guest blogging, and my regular gig at YA Outside the Lines--An excellent way to reach out to fans and potential readers.

S  3.    Book giveaways/donating my books to local libraries--Spreading goodwill and helping libraries can't be wrong.

S  4.    Book launch parties in libraries and book stores--I never pass up a chance to spend time with fans and friends!
Love my writing group!

S/F 5.    Book signings—solo, with my writing group, for charity--These can go either way, but you have to suit up every time.
We didn't sell many books but we had fun!

S/F 6.    Book fairs and festivals—The success of this depends on the organizers. Talk with authors who've participated in previous years.
Panel discussion with other authors at Adel Book Festival

S 7.    This book trailer is courtesy of Jill MM at www.readingisbliss.blogspot.com--I was thrilled when she put this together.

S 8.    Guest speaking at book clubs and writing groups is a great way to connect with people who love books!

F 9.    Necklace with charms representing characters from A & L DO SUMMER and little stuffed animals to put on my signing table--A complete waste of time and money.

S 10. Critiquing manuscripts at writing conferences hones my editing skills, makes connections, and gives back to the writing community.

S 11. Library presentations--If they ask me, I will come. 

I didn't charge a fee for the local library.

S 12. School visits with large and small groups are especially successful if the students are familiar with your books!
My first school visit

S 13. Volunteered to mentor an aspiring YA author--Increases visibility in the writing community and gives another writer needed help and encouragement.

DK 14. Radio interview--Don't know if anyone was listening, but we had a great time!
Cheryl Fusco Johnson and Sharelle Byars Moranville

S 15. Gave interviews for print and on-line newspapers--Publicity is publicity.

S 16.  Taught writing classes for seniors, gifted and talented students, and community education--A definite yes in terms of PR and meeting potential readers, parents, and grandparents of readers.

S 17. Presented at an SCBWI conference--I've been asked to give the same presentation to several groups since. It made me feel like a rock star!

DK 18. Presented to an alumni group at a local university--Publicity and PR.

S   19. ICN broadcast to several schools across Iowa--This is like a Skype visit only unique to Iowa.

S  20. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jan.blazanin  Must have.

S  21.  Twitter   https://www.twitter.com/janblazanin  Must have.

DK 22. Linked In http://www.linkedin.com  Okay to have.

S  23. Website www.janblazanin.com  Must have.

Get out there. Be seen and heard. Make friends. Give back. Have a blast!


  1. This is a good list, Jan. And I'll remember the one about the tassels on the bookmarks.

  2. Ditto on the tassels! (I tried buttons for PLAYING HURT. Never anticipated what a pain in the rump they'd be to mail!)

  3. Thanks for the button info, Holly. I'll add those to my "Do not use" list!


  4. This was really helpful, Jan. Thank you!


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