This Blog Post Is A Celebration (Jennifer Castle)

I won't lie. It's been a tough year. If 2013 were a movie, I'd already be halfway out of the seat with my coat on. I would give it two stars, a thumbs down, and definitely not recommend it to others.

As such, this was not an easy post for me to deal with. Right now even the idea of "celebration" makes me want to blow a raspberry at the universe. But like any good writing prompt, it got me thinking past that first impulse.

And yeah, I'll admit it: the trees outside my office window are gilded with snow that sparkles and makes something inside me perk up. Today I saw a dozen deer bounding through the yard and took a deep breath and thought, beautiful. It's the time of year when electric colored lights turn me into a cheap date, sighing ooh and aah at even the most garish (especially the most garish) decorations.

So okay, fine. Quietly, joyfully, simply with the act of listing them here, I will celebrate some things:

  • My older daughter's learning difficulties finally getting identified and addressed, and her working hard to overcome them
  • My younger daughter's medical issues under control, and her thriving in kindergarten
  • My current book draft no longer totally sucking
  • Healthy, supportive friendships (including some new ones) with women who rock
  • Transitioning to a plant-based diet and enjoying it (so far)
  • The fact that I still love my elderly cat even though I spend 6% of every day cleaning up his puke
  • The forever-cool notion that I've now published two novels, which people I don’t even know are reading and enjoying
  • My Dad turning 80 and still able to captain a sailboat, fly a plane, and shred a ski slope
  • The near-guarantee that next year will be better
  • Love
  • Life
  • Hope
  • Wait a minute. I could actually go on and on. But I think I'll do that offline...
*throws confetti*
*hands out virtual baggies of chocolate covered pretzels to all of you*


  1. Jen, thanks for making me laugh first thing in the morning (it was the cat puke line). PS: I think you rock.

  2. Throwing confetti back 'atcha! Here's to '14!

  3. Your intro was awesome!! Sounds like you had a lot of hurdles this year, and I'm sorry for that. But kudos to you for listing all the positive things. Not easy to do that. Hope this year is wonderful!!


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