Messy With Freckles (Sydney Salter)

I loved--still love--Pippi Longstocking. Not only did she wear braids like me (how I wished my hair were red instead of blond), but she had freckles. Just like me! Most literary girls possessed porcelain skin and a fair graceful beauty, as well as good manners, and I never lived up to all of that.

Pippi made messes and got herself into fixes. But she was strong and smart. Me too! Here's a memorable scene:

This illustration could have been me. I'd pick out a recipe and do the best I could with the ingredients on hand, not realizing that the lack of certain things--like the right number of eggs--might hinder the end product.

Pippi's independence inspired me. I loved her so much that I even gave sleeping with my feet on my pillow a try.

As a writer, I recognize that the translation is a bit clunky, the writing doesn't always flow with that ease we always aspire to create. But sometimes a character feels like she's been written just for you. Pippi is my girl!


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