School Days, School Days... (Brian Katcher)

As a teacher, I have entire summers off, which comes in handy when I have a book deadline. Actually, I only work 174 days a  year. With the few additional meetings, grading homeworking, working after school, working from home, etc, I only work a mere 70 hours a week. More for my wife, who teaches fourth grade.

It's a pain to miss school. A good rule of thumb is it takes half an hour to prepare an hour of lesson plans. So we're always there, even when we're sick.

But some days, we look outside and see those precious snowflakes and think...maybe. Just maybe. We're worse than kids. Just possibly...just possibly...we won't have to go. We'll get that text message...that call...and we sleep in.

Yes, we have to make it up in the summer. Yes, it throws our entire schedule off. Yes, parents will complain.

But man, sleeping in. Watching daytime TV. And maybe actually getting some writing done.

C'mon, snow.


  1. I'm not sure there's anything more celebration-worthy than a snow day...


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