Weather/Whether You're Pooping Rainbows

I'm going to blame my very, very late post on the weather. I can get away with that because I live in the northeast and we've had an epic ton of snow and frigid weather. It's been so cold, that I've come to consider any temperature, that doesn't have a minus sign in front of it, on the balmy side. See...

And you might suppose that today, because the weather was a delightful 45 degrees, I was unable to get my blog done because I was frolicking in the warm weather. But that wasn't the case. Instead, in addition to other "fun things" I had three boys working on science projects. And in case you aren't a parent, this is not joke people. *pulls my hair out* But don't think I'm just complaining randomly. One of those projects was weather related.

Sometimes science projects blow. *grin*

Anyway, what I really need to write about, to bring this puppy full circle like my dog chasing his tail, is to talk about the whether

And what I'm referring to is whether you write or not when life gets in the way. Not sure what the answer is? Lean over and give me your ear so I can tell you the truth...

Although I would love to have my butt in a chair and write at least 500 words every day. Some days that's impossible. And I'm here to tell you--it's okay. World's not gonna end. If you can weather the ups and downs of whether of not today's the day you write, then I'm confident you'll get it done in. Marathon--not a sprint. 

Whether it was sunny or snowing, today was not the write weather for writing for me. It was barely even blogging weather. (9pm post time) But who know's what tomorrow's writing forecast will be? All I know is I'm predicting the world will be pooping rainbows. Bad doggy. <3


  1. Haaaaa! Here's to golden springtime (and sunshine!) at the end of that rainbow!

  2. *gah* I remember those science projects! And puppies eating things they shouldn't. We had one that ate his leather leash - which wound up...well, let's just say it wasn't as pretty as a rainbow. Here's hoping today is more "write" for us all! ;-)

  3. HA! Bad puppy indeed! Here is to spring arriving soon!


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