Feel Free to Complain About the Weather--Kimberly Sabatini

Have you ever seen those memes where people are chastised for complaining about the heat?

They are directed at me.
I admit it.
I know who I am.
I'm perfectly content with the weather for about two weeks in the spring and two weeks in that fall. 
I like it cool and crisp. I love jeans and a sweater. Gorgeous scenery. Windows open. No annoying bugs.

Knowing what I like, I probably shouldn't live in the northeast LOL! 
Or maybe that's exactly why I love the four seasons so much. By the end of each run of weather I'm ready for the change. I'm desperate to leave the last season behind me.
Perhaps I'm addicted to the potential of the coming season. 

This is totally and completely like writing a book.

In each season of drafting, revising, submitting, and marketing it feels like there are always a couple weeks of great weather, but the rest feels like shoveling ENDLESS snow after a l-o-n-g winter. I look like I'm smiling but really I'm contemplating how to bash your head in with my shovel.

  And yet, as much as I'd love to only live in my favorite parts of the process of being an author, the truth is there's something to love and something to moan about every in step of the process. 

Even though I happy dance when I'm done drafting, let's face it--there's only so much revision you can do before you start to talk to all the voices in your head and drool. And when you finally sell that book after surviving the mess-with-your-head, submissions emotional rollercoaster...

 ...you eventually discover that marketing and all the AWESOME things that come along with being published are just another season with ups and downs, hot and cold.

To be a writer is to learn to weather the bad seasons with the same passion you love the perfect weather. But feel free to complain while you're doing it because meme makers need to make a living too.

What's your favorite weather and what's your favorite season in the writing/publishing process?  


  1. October in Maine is hands down my favorite. Days can start out with a coating of frost, but you're in a t-shirt and shorts by noon and I have the woods to myself at dusk. As for weather and the writing process, it has to be spring when possible characters and plot elements pop up like daffodils do against the new ferns on the edge of our lawn. Great analogies in this post!

  2. I'm a big fan of the second draft. I have something on the page to work with, but it doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect yet.

    I'm with you on the seasons. My ideal climate is 70 degrees year round, but I really love a four-season climate, too.

  3. Love the pics. And yes, the seasons of publishing! Revision 'season' is my favorite-- all things seem possible. And in life, autumn, although here in Texas, most of it looks a lot like summer. But there is just something about that transition to winter and all the busy things that go on in the fall...

  4. hahaha, these photos! I was nodding right along with you throughout. I have a love/hate relationship with the whole process. Some days, i adore my blank pages and other days, they taunt me with their relentless cursor blinking. ame with revisions -- sometimes, it feels like sculpting clay and others, it feels like one never-ending itch I can't scratch.


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