Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm so relevant, it hurts (by Patty Blount)

All this month, we're blogging about staying relevant.

I laughed out loud over this topic. Why? I'm so glad you asked.

Because I feel like I'm about 95 years old. I just returned home from buying orthotics, people! Yes, I spent over $200 on a pair of ugly-as-dirt shoes with enough arch support to hold up a small building inside them.

But that's not why I laughed. You see, the first thing I did before writing this post was a Google search and found an article on the Huffington Post. One of the first things this article suggests is never talk about your aches and pains.


Okay, so staying relevant... Here it is. Are you ready? It's super-simple. Don't close your mind. That's it. That's all the Patty Pearls of Wisdom I got for you.

Stay open.  I began writing seriously when my sons were still in elementary school. In a very real sense, my author career has grown up along side them. I paid attention when their friends visited or when I was ferrying them all over Long Island. I heard the topics they discussed, the things that worried them.

The things that mattered to them.

My oldest son asked me to buy him a CD of some metal band I'd never heard of. There was a warning label on the back that made my hair curl. So I listened to the CD first.

Every song.

I'm now a pretty big hard rock fan myself and my sons think that's pretty damn cool.

Learn new stuff.

My day job is corporate training, so I love learning. I just taught myself how to code in Swift, Apple's coding language. Before that, I learned how to use a tool called Adobe InDesign. Am I ready to hang out a shingle? No. But I achieved my goals for both.

And maybe that's the rub.... you achieve one goal. You set a new one that's maybe a bit higher. And along the way, you figure out that staying relevant is just another way of saying you're still willing to try.