Wednesday, December 22, 2021

You get presents! by Patty Blount

 Holiday greetings to all! 

In honor of the season of giving, we here at YA Outside the Lines are giving away all sorts of gifts. 

I'm giving away a digital copy of my books -- you choose the title. 

You can choose:

SEND -- my debut novel about a former bully trying hard to cope with the suicide he caused. 

TMI -- a novel about two best friends whose friendship unravels after one divulges too much information online.

SOME BOYS -- an award-wining novel about a young girl trying to heal after a brutal assault

NOTHING LEFT TO BURN -- a story about teen volunteers in a fire fighters' program coping with grief and parental expectations

THE WAY IT HURTS -- two teens who each dream of stardom discover fame isn't all they expected

SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW -- an award-winning novel about how sexual assault impacts families, especially this once-close brother and sister. 

Or...perhaps you'd like to read one of my romances? 

A MATCH MADE AT CHRISTMAS -- this holiday romance has it all -- Christmas in New York City, quirky characters, an emotional journey, a baby -- and of course, a happy ending.

THE PARAMEDIC'S RESCUE -- this is the sequel to MATCH set in NYC during summer. If you like second-chance romances, you'll enjoy seeing single mom Kara and divorced paramedic Reid butt heads.

NOBODY SAID IT'D BE EASY -- another second-chance romance set in NY -- this time, in the borough of Queens. Widowed dad Gabriel falls for a tenant in his building but his four daughters have a lot to say about the situation. 

To enter, just head over to my website and sign up for my newsletter. The giveaway starts 12/22/2021 at noon Pacific time and ends on 12/31/2021 at noon Pacific time. I'll contact the winner by email. 

A very happy and merry and healthy holiday season to all! 

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