Out With Isolation, In With Community! (Sydney Salter)

 In 2022 I am finding new writing groups! 

Years ago when I first started writing fiction, a group of us in a new moms group discovered a shared passion for writing, so we started meeting in the Barnes & Noble children's section. Our toddlers would entertain themselves while we attempted some fiction (all of our kids grew up loving to read). My toddler is now weeks away from graduating from law school, the younger one is finishing college, so I've been at this writing stuff for a long time. 

Our Barnes & Noble group graduated to the cafe, and anyone with an inkling to write was welcome to stop by on Tuesday mornings for writing exercises, conversation, critiques, and camaraderie. Some days we had six or eight writers join us. People slipped away, others joined. And then we went through a lot of slipping away.

Now I am the only one who regularly writes fiction. So I stay home on Tuesday mornings now (even before the pandemic). Writing is hard. And the business of writing is even harder. I understand when people find easier passions to pursue. But I sure miss that sense of community and friendship. 

So I am getting back out there in 2022 and joining a craft, community, and career course through the Highlights Foundation, as well as a critique group through Women Writing the West. The f-*&#^)!-ing pandemic won't stop, so I am seeking virtual writing pals.

Out with isolation, in with community! 


Comment #6: Ashley! 

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  1. I'm so with you on that sense of community! So many I know have left writing behind. I applaud you for being the last woman standing!

  2. So much rumbling about giving up (not just writing) these days. You're right, soldiering on be the way to go in '22.


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