Out With The Old. In With The New. And Sometimes Back To The Old Again by Allie Burton

 Looking forward.

As a writer, sometimes you just need to switch it up. When you sit down at the keyboard and feel as if some of your writing is stale, it means it’s time to try something new.

I’ve written sixteen young adult fantasy books. In between my first two series (Lost Daughters of Atlantis and Warrior Academy), I wrote 6 adult contemporary romance books—a complete departure from young adult fantasy. The break did me good. I felt fresher when I started writing my current series, A Glass Slipper Adventure.

Now with the 5th book in the series coming out next month (Snow Warrior White), and in the final stages of writing the 6th book, it’s time for another break.

So what should my break be? My brain is sizzling with ideas.

A young adult historical? Or perhaps a young adult contemporary romance? Or back to the adult contemporary romance series I’d started? (I’d hinted at other books to come.)

So many possibilities.

And that’s what ‘out with the old, in with the new’ means to me. Possibilities.

While I will go back to my A Glass Slipper Adventure series (I have so many twisted fairytales to tell), I’m looking forward to starting something fresh to me. Something different. Something new.

Comment below if you’d like to vote for one of the above or suggest your own genre. I’m open to all…possibilities.


  1. What about nonfiction. You've done a lot of traveling. Did you journal at the time? I love murder mystery with romance - detective series.

  2. I'm so with you on possibilities--and tackling new genres! I'll be anxious to see where you go next.

  3. YA historicals have so much to offer, especially in terms of the entertainment/education blend. It's easy to forget how much recent history lies fallow in terms of being covered.


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